Cathodic Rectifiers: Air-cooled Series

A Case

Standard Features:

  • Pole mount
  • Small arms proof
  • Galvanized enclosure
  • Convection air-cooled
  • Front and side doors
  • Slide out racks
  • Dual A.C. input (120/240 or 240/480)
  • 20 step tap adjustment (4 coarse, 5 fine)
  • Heavy duty transformer (15% over design)
  • Magnetic breaker
  • A.C. and D.C. lightning protection
  • Separate D.C. volt and amp meters (2% accuracy)
  • External panel shunt, plainly marked
  • Permanently engraved panel
  • Silicon diode stack with surge protection

Optional Features:

  • Base mount
  • Aluminum case
  • Painted case
  • High density selenium stack
  • Silicon modular stack
  • Efficiency filter choke
  • 120 volt convenience outlet
  • Meter switches
  • Failure light
  • Multiple D.C. output circuits
  • Others to customer specifications

B Case

Additional standard features include separate slide out transformer and stack rack assemblies.

C case

Available with all the standard and optional air-cooled features along with additional capacity for higher wattage requirements and optional 3 phase units. Also standard are separate slide out transformer and stack rack assemblies.

D case